Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (P.R.E.P)

The P.R.E.P (Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police) is a bonified occupational test used to assess one’s personal ability to perform the physical demands of being a Police Officer in the province of Ontario. The P.R.E.P assessment is made up of two components: 1) the pursuit/restraint circuit (2:37 or under) and 2) the 20-metre leger shuttle run (minimum Level 7 required).  You will have to pass both components at the Ontario Police College to be successful.  

The P.R.E.P is designed to simulate a police foot chase, with both anaerobic and aerobic components built into the entire test.  There are also strength components that will test your muscular endurance and your mental stamina. 

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Upcoming PREP Practice Dates

  • Monday, June 3
  • Wednesday, June 19
  • Sunday, July 28
  • Sunday, August 25