Moving Toward Your Career

Welcome to Emergency Services Training where we conduct both P.A.R.E and P.R.E.P sessions (practices & testing).  We are a small, friendly testing and mentoring environment where our focus is helping you pass your fitness assessments.


The Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (P.A.R.E) is a bonified occupational test used to assess one’s personal ability to perform the physical demands of working in the Emergency Services Field.


The P.R.E.P (Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police) is a bonified occupational test used to assess one’s personal ability to perform the physical demands of being a Police Officer in the province of Ontario.

Shuttle Run Training

In this 1- hour training session we will focus on training for the aerobic shuttle run component of the PURSUIT/RESTRAINT CIRCUIT.  Come and Try it out!.


What People are Saying

Shelley and her staff are great! I had a circumstance come up where I needed their help on finding a PREP test on very short notice. She worked around my crazy tight schedule and took the time to keep consistent communication with me whenever I had questions. Despite her and her staff being busy with all the other things going on at the time, they all took the time out of their day to make sure to guide me and assist me through the PREP exam. We’re talking busy as in they had to basically move every piece of equipment in the gym due to new flooring. She even took the time to write up a document to bring to my employer to show proof of the completed test which was way more than I could have asked for.
In short, Shelley and her team ROCK!
Cole Bonner
The team at Emergency Services have been phenomenal. I started my fitness journey with them in January of 2022. Since the very first test day to my last I have been met with a friendly face, educational advice, tips and overall sense of acceptance.
My beginning time started off at 5:20 and ended at 4:31. This journey has shown me that to succeed you must accept failure to build upon your goals. Shelley and Anthony have been very supportive in this process, taking a little extra time after each session to go over my run. This truly helped me isolate my goals and areas I needed to work on.
I am happy to have completed my fitness requirements with Emergency Services and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to achieve their law enforcement fitness goals..
Jacqueline Thain